Fight for Ukraine with the power of AI avatars

KOLOvatar is not just about donating to Ukraine. It is about the fact that we fight in all ways - from a jar of cucumbers to artificial intelligence.

How can you fight?

We created a service based on artificial intelligence that generates cool images. We direct 100% of the income to help Ukrainian defenders.

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Create AI avatars in Ukrainian styles


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Create avatars

Upload your regular photos and get cool AI-generated images.

And for pets too!

😻 Can you resist?

AI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI Avatar
AI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI Avatar
AI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI AvatarAI Avatar

Avatar = donation

100% of your payment is transferred to the KOLO fund.

30 avatars, 5 styles
80 avatars, 14 styles
140 avatars, 24 styles
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About the KOLO fund

KOLO is a team of top IT companies that created a fund for operational assistance in Ukraine. Currently, KOLO has almost 100 people who work in the fund for free.

Almost 2,000 specialists and several dozen companies, including Grammarly, Preply, Planeta Kino, DOU and others, support Ukraine every month through KOLO.

Gift avatars to friends

It is better to try once than to hear a hundred times. Surprise and attract your friends - send them a gift code to create AI avatars.

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Who is behind this?

The application was created for the KOLO Foundation by the Sommo and Uptech teams , based on their Dyvo product , which has already generated hundreds of thousands of avatars for its users

How Stands
Who owns the created images?
Who owns the created images?
How long does it take to create avatars?
What rules and recommendations should be followed to create better images?
How similar will the avatars be created to me?
Can my images be used on your sites, blogs, social networks?
Where will my funds go?
How to view KOLO reports?